Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daniel and his class finished  learning (Sium) Humash Bereshit - חומש בראשית (Book of Genesis) - Party!!!
This is very different from the way I learned in school, and it is quite amazing that they finished reading and laining and learning the subjects in a single year (this is first grade mind you!)  - this is a huge amount of material for this age, to me it is an amazing achievement for the kids and staff!

Congratulations Daniel! we are so proud!!!
Thank you T"T Dvir (Talmud Torah) - such an amazing school with a staff of people who really love the children, and it shows in everything they do. A school to which the kids love to go, and wake eager for another (long) day of learning...

Here are pictures, and you can see videos in the attached link Videos


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