Thursday, February 28, 2008

Herding the goats

Our neighbor from the next street has a few goats (like Aviad did once upon a time) and he brings them to graze on the field behind our house.

I like goats, they're realy funny, and they run away from all the time, daddy says I can be a professional herder if I want - I'm so good! Then Heshi came to help and we spent a few hours runing around the garden with and without the goats. You know I can prove it!!!

Also some pictures daddy took of me and Daniel one morning when we were playing in mommy's bed.

Mia and the goats


I'm crawling....

Hi Everyone, I'm just so happy!

I have the best sister in the world, she helps me and gives me toys all the time - I have the best times with her, now that I get around I can be more helpful to her so sometimes I make her hair (she yells with happines ;-))

anyways, just thought I'd tell you and since Daddy took some videos you can check it out for yourselves

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

With my Daddy

When my Daddy comes home at night from work, I'm very happy to see him, and he me - we like to play (just before my bath) and Mia joins in everytime (I love my sister too)

So I asked Mommy to take a few pictures of us.

Also I just wanted to tell that me and Daddy and Mia watched (a recording of) the Superbowl and Daddy was acting a little crazy - I didn't realy understand what was going on, but when Daddy shouted "Defence!, Defence!" I helped... also I clapped my hands a lot with him. I don't know how it ended because I had to go to sleep, but at one point the house shook a bit when Daddy started jumping up and down... I guess the good guys won!

Fun With Daddy 2008_02_03

When bobbi came to visit

Since I live in Gimzo I get to see my Grandma pretty often (she lives right next door...). but I see my bobbi a little less - sometimes we go to visit her, and sometimes she comes to visit us.

So a few days ago she came again, usually Daddy is still at work so nobody takes any pictures, but since Mommy started taking them as well - so you are in for a treat - pictures of me and MY bobbi (and
Daniel too)

We had a great time, and I'm going to visit her this Shabat too, I can't wait!

here they are (and some pictures of me looking silly in a very big sweatshirt)
Having Fun with Bobbi 2008_01_28

Playing (again) in the garden

Another of my favorite places to play is our garden it's big and wide and I love to run around and play with anything I can find. Mommy always makes sure that I'm dressed up warmly and that I don't run away :-) (I do, a lot, to Grandma - I LOVE going to Grandma...)

Anyway here are pictures of me digging up the garden and planting flowers

Playing in the garden (mia)

Me and Daddy in the Sun

On one Friday, I went to help Daddy in his work shop, while he was working I hugged him (I only reach up to his knee), when he saw me he stopped working right away, picked me up and took me for a walk in the back yard (Grandpa's Refet).
We lay down in the Grass and flowers and just had a good time, then Hershy came too and we played I ran around after all the bees that were drinking of the flowers, they are so interesting! how they buzz around and fly...
Apparently when we weren't looking Mommy took some pictures (lately she started doing that and she is helping Daddy with the picture thingy).

The pictures are from very far away, but you can still see something.


In Her shoes

I love playing, and one of my favorite games is make believe, here I'm making believe I'm Mommy and trying to walk in her shoes... It's really fun playing and it makes Mommy very happy to see me (as long as I put the shoes back where I found them when I finish).

In Her Shoes

In the Forest

As my brother Daniel already wrote in his blog we have been naughty... but we're trying to be better.
Anyway I'm playing catch up on everything that has happened since the last time I wrote you all. and we have been having a great time here in Gimzo and miss you all.

It is realy fun living next to my Grandma and Grandpa and uncles (and my aunt Zipi too!) here in Gimzo and I'm trying to make the most out of it. Village life is very good for me (at least Mommy Tili says so... :-))

Anyway here is the first post, and it is about a nice time I had with Daniel (who was much smaller than now) and Hershy and Daddy in the little forest behind our house. Mommy said that she got married there with Daddy and showed me some pictures (and the video) so I went with Daddy for a walk to there and we met Hershy (who lives right next to it - even closer than us, Oh he also got married there, but I was there to see it...).

So here is a video and some pictures:

Mia In the forset

My daily exercise

You should all know that I try to exercise a lot, I want to be healthy - and the doctors say that you have to exercise for that - so I do.

Sometimes Grandma helps me by cheering me along, it does help, but sometimes it is a bit too much :-) (you'll see what I mean soon).

Anyway, I am getting stronger and you can see how much by looking at my video below:

Playing with toys...

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for not posting for so long (it is lame to talk about it anyway), but here I am again. I'm now 5 months old and I'm feeling good!

Mommy and Daddy are letting me roam the living room and do whatever I want - I don't do it so well yet, but I manage to get to where I want to be eventually.

Anyway watch me playing with some of my toys: