Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new Baal Tokea in the family

Hi All,

Long time no updates.... This is the daddy writing...

I decided it is way to much work work to update so many blogs (I supposedly need to add one for Haleli Zion), anyway the extended Eshel family had a winter party, fresh hot porridge (+sprinkles, chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, and other toppings) and hot chocolate... The fire was burning hot, and everybody was having a GREAT time, singing, dancing and running around....

Here are some photos, and one video of Daniel (aka Dandush, aka Baal Tokea)

Thanks to the organizers and everyone who made this such a nice party (I was the DJ , Heshy the cook, Zipi the activity master, Yosele and Grandpa Yehuda on the live music - and the kids for having such a good time!!!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome Haleli Zion Eshel

So we have a new daughter/sister and her name is Haleli Zion, הללי ציון

She is almost 4 weeks old and we are having a great time with her, just thought I'd share some pictures with you. Opappa - take a look - something in there especially for you!

With Love,
Tili, Moishie, Mia and Daniel

Grandpa Yehuda and Haleli

Haleli and Bobby

The three siblings - Mia, Daniel and Haleli

Stuffed Cabbage for Opappa

more Stuffed Cabbage for Opappa

After the bath

Who's that? I'm in shock!

I guess...

Well, can't argue with food... I think I love her.