Friday, September 21, 2007

Taking care of Daniel

Since I'm the older sister, it is my responsibility that Daniel feels good and is taken care of, here look at me while I watch over my little brother when everyone else deserted him - and I tell them what I think about that...

Daniel and Grandma!

Today Grandma visited us, and played with me and Daniel... I think she likes Daniel a lot, but she LOVES me :-)

Lunch on Erev Yom Kipur

We just had lunch by Grandma and Grandpa, aunt Zipi served me soup and I love soup! I had to eat it all with the noodles, carrot, meat and the soup itself... Yummmyyyy!!!

Sisterly love

I rest my case - look at my video and pictures - do I love my new brother Daniel or what?!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mia and Zipi

A few days ago my aunt and uncle - Zipi and Hershi came for a visit, I always love when they come, or just meeting them anywhere - they are so much fun - much better than my boring parents who are always tired...

Anyway we had a great time and daddy documented it from the couch (so he wouldn't have to work to hard :-))

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Little Brother Daniel and I, getting ready for Shabat

Not much to tell, Daddy didn't bring his camera to the Bris so nothing to share from there. Daniel my little brother is so beautifull and I adore him - I help mommy all the time to take care of him.

Here are pictures of us two getting ready for Shabat