Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm standing!!!

Hya Gang,

This is the news - I can stand up all by myself! (I still need to hold on to something), and sit down too. It is driving mommy and daddy crazy :-) but they love me so they bear it silently.

I'm cute as ever, and also started crawling on four (or six, depends on who you ask).

Some pictures:


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Aviv Hegia Pesach Ba!

Hi Everybody,

Haven't updated in a while, but you might have caught the new pictures I uploaded...
Anyway here is what's happening...

Pesach is almost over, shabat Hol-Hamoed has just finished, we stayed by Bobby in Jerusalem, and on Chag Sheni we will be by Avuelo (Grandpa) in Mitzpe Jericho... We walked all over Jerusalem today and it was very interesting to see all the beautiful buildings that I don't get to see everyday - the city was very quiet and not many cars were on the roads - Shabat!

Going back a bit, a month has passed since Purim and I'm having the greatest time... one thing I can say is that I! love! strawberries! a lot!!! I can finish so many it is amazing... I also love Bamba, but not as much (also chocolate, and grandma's apple sauce and chicken soup and carrots and wine and schnitzel and daddy's apple pie and cake and matzah and cookies and .... the list goes on)

We had our seider by grandma and grandpa in Gimzo, this year we had some important guests, tante Ester and uncle Yossi and Miri who came from across the ocean (that's what daddy said) to see us. We took Miri to see some sights in Tel-Aviv right before the chag, Daddy took some exclusive photos of mommy... Then the chag came, all I know is that mommy cleaned the house a lot, and daddy was also home a lot...

The seider was a lot of fun! I was up almost all the night (I was so excited I just couldn't say good night) but in the end daddy took me home. I helped everybody sing the four kushiot - I like singing... and mommy gave me soup...

You should know that a lot has been happening to me, first I now have two! (2)! teeth, I like chewing food (like schnitzel and chicken), I can sit up, and I can even stand up with no help - if I really put myself to it (I can't stand up for long because my balance isn't too great, but everybody is happy to help me out)

So here are some pictures and some videos which I haven't published yet (but you might have already seen anyway)



Me making Bye Bye

Me eating with a spoon