Sunday, October 29, 2006

Its me again!

Heya readers,

I'm back, and sooner than you expected, not much to tell, but daddy made a new video

and some new pictures - this is for you Omama! You have to see to know what it's all about!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Better late than never...

Hi you all, daddy posted today about an excellent baby bottle, and finally had time to help me write a new post.

These last few weeks were very exciting and a lot of new things have happened. Last things first, the winter has arrived in Gimzo, last night there was so much rain... Lots of lightning and thunder through the night, but I wasn't scared - I slept just great and daddy told me about it in the morning (of course I could see everything was wet). This is my first rain ever - it is so exciting, I got a little wet today walking with mommy down the street, that was really fun, I like rain.

Another exciting thing is that we moved into the new house!!! Finally all the utilities have been connected and we are living in our new home, I have my own room, Yay! Of course there are some things that still need to be fixed but it is a lot of fun, every morning daddy or mommy take me out to look at the view and say hello to our neighbors (Achilles, Nikita, Giselle and the goats), I have the greatest view from my window, and the neighbors are great (daddy's note: we hope you all realize Mia is talking about Aviad's dogs and goats, which live right near our new home).

Omama (great grandma) sent me new pajamas, I also got a new cellphone - yes I did, you can call me anytime you want ... (daddys' comment - it makes noises but it doesn't really receive calls :-) she loves it...)

Sucot was great we stayed most of the Chag by grandma and grandpa in Gimzo, and also visited bobby in Jerusalem and grandpa in Miztpeh Jericho, you can see pictures from the Suca below.

Oh, I'm 5 months old, that means I'm on my way to being older, I started to talk with everybody around me, they usually answer me, but somehow I get the feeling that they don't really understand what I'm trying to say - so I repeat myself a lot until they do - my needs are pretty simple, you'd expect that older people are smarter - but it ain't necessarily so. At least thos of you who read my blog, seem to understand me... Can you? if you can please leave me a comment on my blog so I know that you do.

Baby Reccomendation: Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles

Daddy news flash.

Discovered through Cool Tools Blog, A recommendation for a good baby bottle that has a new idea for preventing inhalation of air when baby is drinking (no more bags).

Should be very good for new borns (when they grow older they don't have so many gas problems) :-)

Will order one for Mia...
Cool Tool: Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Getting ready for succot

Mommy and daddy say I've been a very good girl (except for last night, because I hardly slept at all), because I sleep very nicely and I behaved in shul on Yom kipur and Rosh Hashana (I davened good!). It was a lot of fun to go to shul, because I got to meet many people and see interesting things (plus, I love the noise).

Rosh hashana, I spent in Gimzo mostly by Grandma and Grandpa - it was really nice, and I played with my cousin yitzchak, he's really nice and we get along just great together - he's a bit younger, but Grandma says that since his mother (Mali) is older than daddy by three months it evens out...

Yom kipur we stayed by bobby (that's grandma in yiddish) and aunt Shoham, and davened in the Italian shul - daddy says that it is very different from other shuls (I wouldn't know since this is my first Yom kipur ever, and I obviously never davened anywhere else before), and that it is really interesting to see the difference. He also says that it has another advantage on other shuls, and that is that you get to sit almost all the time, so your legs don't grow tired :-)

The house is almost finished, and daddy and mommy are preparing for the move in, there is still so much to do mostly connecting to utilities, but luckily I don't have to do anything, I've offered to help - but daddy said "thank you, but everything is taken care of already"

Succot is coming, we will probably be leaving either in the new house or by Grandma and Grandpa's (we have to evacuate the old apartment by then...)

Here are some pictures for you as well (I know you like them) - thank you daddy and mommy for helping...
Sep 28, 2006 - 9 Photos

Just A normal morning.
Sep 26, 2006 - 16 Photos