Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long time no see...

I haven't written you in a long time but I'm back big time... it's summer outside and we're all hot, so hot that even mommy started using the A/C in the house even though she doesn't like it so much.

We've been having a lot of fun, and Aviad comes home from time to time to play with me, I'm walking all over the place with my new shoes and I never want to crawl again - its just sooooo much fun doing it upright.

More teeth are coming out it hurts but now I can chew my food (I ate a whole slice of yellow cheese today, and some egg!)

I just got the invitation for my cousin miris' wedding, I'm so excited, and I wish I could be there but since mommy will not be able to travel (I'm getting a new little brother!!!), so I wish her and Yossi (and everyone) a bunch of Mazal Tov's and a lot of happiness!!! Love and Kisess!

So enough talking, here are some pictures and a few videos of my bobby and I going to eat Ice cream and me playing with Aviad, and more...
Playing with my jewelry:

Me going shopping:

Aviad and Me:
Walking Walking:
Mia in Jerusalem

Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm doing this thing now, come and see...

I can't believe this is happening, for a year now I have watched everyone around me stand up on their two legs holding on to nothing and doing some sort of shuffling that gets them to other places... I didn't understand how they do it, and crawling seemed to me like an excellent and understandable solution... Now, I started doing that weird thing - daddy said its called walking and that I'll eventually get the hang of it and "walk" like a professional. I still like crawling a lot better than walking but grandma keeps on insisting that I stand up and show her how I do it, so you have to listen to grandma, right?

After training for a long time already, daddy decided to take a video of it, so you can also see what my Grandma sees everyday.

I hope you enjoy it, I sure do...