Saturday, March 10, 2007

Purim 2007! We had no rain... that's a first.

Well, what can I say? Daddy wrote the heading... I don't remember realy what it was like last year - this is my first Purim ever, but there was no rain.

Mommy made me a new costume (I didn't like my costumes too much, but mommy and daddy and grandma and Oma didn't ask me what I wanted realy), and the neighbors brought me a lot of good things to eat - I LIKE cookies, and I had a lot of them... Oma and Opa are here and that is just tha Best! I missed them so much, and of course they brought presents :-) How could I ignore that? We had a very nice Purim meal, I sat with everybody on my high chair, and after the meal I played a little on the table with Opa, we had a good time.

Mommy and Daddy have been working on our garden so that we can have one, and daddy finaly put up my swing, I love it! I could swing all day long, and now that there are flowers I have something nice to look at while I do it... Grandpa has been planting trees all around the house, so daddy and mommy thought they'd help, so they planted a lemon tree and a pomegrantes tree to add to the fun.

Uncle Aviad left this morning to join the army, I miss him already he always comes to play with me, and I think he will come a little less now, his commanders had better give him a lot of vacation time, so that he can spend it with me...

There is a lot of other news, but I will write about it later, I hope you like the pictures, daddy worked realy hard on this (also thanks to my cousin Eli Kress who also took some of the pictures, and is generaly fun to be with, Hi ELI!)...