Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Promises should be kept...

We promised Grandma that while she is away we will try to send a post at least once in two days so here is the first (kind of late, but we are trying).

Well I was up a little late today and had some extra energy to spend - and I decided to work a little on my drum play, also played a little with Daniel who is sooooo cute...

Have fun!!!!111!!!1


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hanuka Party and some more photos

Since my older sister Mia already had a Hanuka party last year, this year I have the honor of writing about this years party, My first Hanuka ever.

We had a great time, we lighted the candles, we danced and sang and ate good food (don't tell anyone but I got some solid food - even though I'm a bit too young for it :-) maybe because I'm so cute and asked so nicely...)

We played with Dreidels and Grandma won (as usual), Daddy made most of the dreidels and Grandpa bought a couple more.

Mommy made us candles to wear as hats (Hanuka Candle Crowns), and me and Mia wore matchine PJs so we would be super-adorable (not that I need to be more adorable, but my sister has some things to learn from me :-))

Happy HANUKA!!!!

Here is some dancing...

And pictures

And more pictures

Friday, November 23, 2007

Glass Onion - or how I love Onion

I Love Onion - once upon a time there was a girl who loved Onion, she loved onion so much she ate it fried, baked, boiled and even green. She loved Onion so much she played with Onions as if they were balls.

She loved Onions so much that even when she hardly knows how to say anything, she knows how to say "Onion"

And here is the video to prove it all:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Me, Me and Me again....

I have been neglecting you all for a long time, but that doesn't mean I have been doing nothing...

So here, some of my latest fun and games....
Walking around the house

Playing the drums (if you didn't know, I'm a professional drummer)

Helping with Daniel

we got some pictures from the Bris...

From all the excitement back then Daddy forgot to even bring his camera to my Brit, luckily Grandpa rememberd to bring his cellphone and he got a few good pictures on that.

From specialpictur...

We are all worried about Oppa and we wish him a lot of health soon!

And some more recent photos and video.

Daniel and Grandma

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My brother has a blog....

Daddy opened a blog for Daniel, I really wonder how all this will work out - before daddy hardly had any time to help me with my blog.... So I'm not sure Daniel is going to be happy with daddy's publishing schedule - but well, he asked for it :-)

you can see it here Daniel Eshel

And for the meantime here are some pictures ooooofffff meeeeeeee:

Just a regular morning...

Hi there, Daniel here...
I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten that I have a blog - and that I need to update you with what's going on - but I mostly eat and sleep so my time is quite limited for other activities (I do smile a lot).

So I thought instead of words this time, I will share with you some photos of what happened on one morning last week.


Also a picture of me after my bath:

Monday, October 8, 2007

My First post

Hi everyone,

My Name is Daniel Eshel, I'm a month old now and I have a lot to tell you. For now my daddy will do the writing since I can't reach the computer yet (it will take another year or two :-)), but he'll write what I tell him too (he promised).

So as most of you know I was born a month ago, my mommy worked very hard to carry me for 9 months (I became heavier all the time), now I weigh around 10 pounds and growing fast... I live with my parents in Gimzo, that's a small village in Israel, we have a BIG garden and lots of nice view, we have Grandma and Grandpa Eshel for neighbors and Bobby and Grandpa Rozen-Morua come visit a lot too.

I love to eat, sleep and also cry - and to look at everyting around me (I also smile
a lot)

You may have seen these pictures on my sister's Mia blog, but I think I deserve to have them too:



Friday, September 21, 2007

Taking care of Daniel

Since I'm the older sister, it is my responsibility that Daniel feels good and is taken care of, here look at me while I watch over my little brother when everyone else deserted him - and I tell them what I think about that...

Daniel and Grandma!

Today Grandma visited us, and played with me and Daniel... I think she likes Daniel a lot, but she LOVES me :-)

Lunch on Erev Yom Kipur

We just had lunch by Grandma and Grandpa, aunt Zipi served me soup and I love soup! I had to eat it all with the noodles, carrot, meat and the soup itself... Yummmyyyy!!!

Sisterly love

I rest my case - look at my video and pictures - do I love my new brother Daniel or what?!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mia and Zipi

A few days ago my aunt and uncle - Zipi and Hershi came for a visit, I always love when they come, or just meeting them anywhere - they are so much fun - much better than my boring parents who are always tired...

Anyway we had a great time and daddy documented it from the couch (so he wouldn't have to work to hard :-))

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Little Brother Daniel and I, getting ready for Shabat

Not much to tell, Daddy didn't bring his camera to the Bris so nothing to share from there. Daniel my little brother is so beautifull and I adore him - I help mommy all the time to take care of him.

Here are pictures of us two getting ready for Shabat


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have a new brother!

I'm sure by now you all heard the news, daddy took time getting to his computer... but now I HAVE A BROTHER!!!!!

Yay! I'm the big sister now, and you can't believe how much work and worry that is, I've been helping Grandma & Grandpa, and also mommy and daddy to take care of the baby nd the house while mommy is in the hospital - you don't believe me? check out for yourselves...

He is so cute, I love to hug him and kiss him, and mommy and daddy let me - because I'm such a big and good girl - lucky me!

Anyway now that I have a new brother do you think he should get his own blog, or share mine? I'd rather hate losing my nice colors (because when you share you have to be equal), but I was here first anyway... What do you say?


And a short video:

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More videos

Some long waiting videos to com up, so don't say I'm not updating you on what's new with me....

Me by Grandma and Grandpa's (1):

Me by Grandma and Grandpa's (2):

More Piano Playing (again) and singing:

Friday, August 24, 2007

The looooong wait....

It's almost Shabat, and we're still waiting... Mommy is very nervous and she wants my brother to come already - Daddy says the stork is a little late, but the he will soon come. I can't wait...

We just got new furniture in our room, and I'd love to share it...

In the meantime I'm having all the fun on my own, playing Piano, playing and more. We hope to have some good news soon.

In the meantime you can enjoy me...

Some Pictures:

Mia Playing Piano:

Shabat Shalom!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long time no see...

I haven't written you in a long time but I'm back big time... it's summer outside and we're all hot, so hot that even mommy started using the A/C in the house even though she doesn't like it so much.

We've been having a lot of fun, and Aviad comes home from time to time to play with me, I'm walking all over the place with my new shoes and I never want to crawl again - its just sooooo much fun doing it upright.

More teeth are coming out it hurts but now I can chew my food (I ate a whole slice of yellow cheese today, and some egg!)

I just got the invitation for my cousin miris' wedding, I'm so excited, and I wish I could be there but since mommy will not be able to travel (I'm getting a new little brother!!!), so I wish her and Yossi (and everyone) a bunch of Mazal Tov's and a lot of happiness!!! Love and Kisess!

So enough talking, here are some pictures and a few videos of my bobby and I going to eat Ice cream and me playing with Aviad, and more...
Playing with my jewelry:

Me going shopping:

Aviad and Me:
Walking Walking:
Mia in Jerusalem

Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm doing this thing now, come and see...

I can't believe this is happening, for a year now I have watched everyone around me stand up on their two legs holding on to nothing and doing some sort of shuffling that gets them to other places... I didn't understand how they do it, and crawling seemed to me like an excellent and understandable solution... Now, I started doing that weird thing - daddy said its called walking and that I'll eventually get the hang of it and "walk" like a professional. I still like crawling a lot better than walking but grandma keeps on insisting that I stand up and show her how I do it, so you have to listen to grandma, right?

After training for a long time already, daddy decided to take a video of it, so you can also see what my Grandma sees everyday.

I hope you enjoy it, I sure do...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Just a nice friday by Grandma & Grandpa

I'm sorry this is late, but sometimes I just forget...
Anyway, a few weeks ago we had a nice Friday lunch by Grandma & Grandpa, the stoffer family also came to visit, they were in full force because everybody came to Israel for the Brit (Hint! Hint!)...

I had a great car, Grandma took out my car for me so me and Ori played and drove around in the garden. I also ate some food.

Aviad came home from the army and I was really excited, I didn't realize how much I missed my uncle, everyone was happy to see him but I was the happiest. He looks taller...


Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm eating spaghetti now

Look at me... Spaghetti is good! especially with the sauce mommy makes - I just love it.

We sat to eat at the table and daddy decided to give me some spaghetti which I never succeeded in eating before, I gave it another try and now I can.

Have a look:

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I love sunflowers, they are just growing now around the village and everytime we pass by I look at them for as long as I can...

Daddy says they follow the sub all day, and that is why they are called that.

So daddy decided that since I like them so much (he admitted that he liked them too) he will take some pictures of me and the sunflowers (mommy also joined as you can see)

Here they are:

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday!, Hapy Birthday! I'm one year old now!

I'm 1 year old now!

What a party! everyone came to say happy birthday, and we showed our (not so) new house to all the guests. I ate tons of food and had a lot of cake as well.

It seemed like everyone was having a good time like me, but I'm the only one who got any presents :-) What can I say it was an exciting day. Mommy worked realy hard to make it nice, and I realy appriciate it - Mom you're the best!!!.

And instead of talking, I'll let the pictures talk instead (also it's almost Shabat and I don't have much time to talk). See you later.

(And to all my relatives in the USA, oppa, omma, aunts, uncles and cousins... This is what you missed out on... my next birthday you better be here!) I love you all, Shabat Shalom!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting ready for my first birthday!

Well to tell the truth, I'm not doing much about it :-) it's my parents who are doing all the work.

How are you? I'm fine... I'm really beginning to explore my surroundings and finding new things to play with, sometimes mommy and daddy don't like it so much, but mostly they smile at me and help me stand up if I want to see something better...

I'm almost one year old, and I wanted a big birthday party so mommy and daddy agreed, and we're going to have it on the coming Friday in our garden, everybody is preparing things, mommy bought plates and cups and stuff, and we're going to eat bagels, yummy!

What else you ask? Well I started to learn how to play the piano, my uncle yosele is teaching me how to do it, I'm also singing while I'm playing... Mommy's roses are flowering, daddy also has some weird things growing, the whole world looks green and colorful.

Some pictures:


Video of Mia playing Piano:

יום הולדת שמח מיה אשל

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm standing!!!

Hya Gang,

This is the news - I can stand up all by myself! (I still need to hold on to something), and sit down too. It is driving mommy and daddy crazy :-) but they love me so they bear it silently.

I'm cute as ever, and also started crawling on four (or six, depends on who you ask).

Some pictures:


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Aviv Hegia Pesach Ba!

Hi Everybody,

Haven't updated in a while, but you might have caught the new pictures I uploaded...
Anyway here is what's happening...

Pesach is almost over, shabat Hol-Hamoed has just finished, we stayed by Bobby in Jerusalem, and on Chag Sheni we will be by Avuelo (Grandpa) in Mitzpe Jericho... We walked all over Jerusalem today and it was very interesting to see all the beautiful buildings that I don't get to see everyday - the city was very quiet and not many cars were on the roads - Shabat!

Going back a bit, a month has passed since Purim and I'm having the greatest time... one thing I can say is that I! love! strawberries! a lot!!! I can finish so many it is amazing... I also love Bamba, but not as much (also chocolate, and grandma's apple sauce and chicken soup and carrots and wine and schnitzel and daddy's apple pie and cake and matzah and cookies and .... the list goes on)

We had our seider by grandma and grandpa in Gimzo, this year we had some important guests, tante Ester and uncle Yossi and Miri who came from across the ocean (that's what daddy said) to see us. We took Miri to see some sights in Tel-Aviv right before the chag, Daddy took some exclusive photos of mommy... Then the chag came, all I know is that mommy cleaned the house a lot, and daddy was also home a lot...

The seider was a lot of fun! I was up almost all the night (I was so excited I just couldn't say good night) but in the end daddy took me home. I helped everybody sing the four kushiot - I like singing... and mommy gave me soup...

You should know that a lot has been happening to me, first I now have two! (2)! teeth, I like chewing food (like schnitzel and chicken), I can sit up, and I can even stand up with no help - if I really put myself to it (I can't stand up for long because my balance isn't too great, but everybody is happy to help me out)

So here are some pictures and some videos which I haven't published yet (but you might have already seen anyway)



Me making Bye Bye

Me eating with a spoon

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Purim 2007! We had no rain... that's a first.

Well, what can I say? Daddy wrote the heading... I don't remember realy what it was like last year - this is my first Purim ever, but there was no rain.

Mommy made me a new costume (I didn't like my costumes too much, but mommy and daddy and grandma and Oma didn't ask me what I wanted realy), and the neighbors brought me a lot of good things to eat - I LIKE cookies, and I had a lot of them... Oma and Opa are here and that is just tha Best! I missed them so much, and of course they brought presents :-) How could I ignore that? We had a very nice Purim meal, I sat with everybody on my high chair, and after the meal I played a little on the table with Opa, we had a good time.

Mommy and Daddy have been working on our garden so that we can have one, and daddy finaly put up my swing, I love it! I could swing all day long, and now that there are flowers I have something nice to look at while I do it... Grandpa has been planting trees all around the house, so daddy and mommy thought they'd help, so they planted a lemon tree and a pomegrantes tree to add to the fun.

Uncle Aviad left this morning to join the army, I miss him already he always comes to play with me, and I think he will come a little less now, his commanders had better give him a lot of vacation time, so that he can spend it with me...

There is a lot of other news, but I will write about it later, I hope you like the pictures, daddy worked realy hard on this (also thanks to my cousin Eli Kress who also took some of the pictures, and is generaly fun to be with, Hi ELI!)...




Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring is almost here...

Mommy had a birthday this week, we all celebrated, but I think I got more presents - which seems fair enough to me... For example I got this gorgeous hat from mommy's friend (she also made matching socks), and also tante zippy and uncle hershy bought me a swing - just for me, daddy promised to hang it up, but he didn't do it yet.
Also the deck is finally finished, and its very nice and big.

Since it was so sunny the last week, and the weather was beautiful, daddy wanted me to play with all the flowers that have been blooming around here, it was a lot of fun, and I didn't get even a little dirty, honest! maybe just a little wet, that's all...

Oma and Opa should be arriving this week, that's what everyone is telling me, I can't wait! I miss them so much! daddy took some pictures and a video, hope you enjoy...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Dressing Up

Oooof! Mommy and Grandma say I'm a big girl already and it's time for me to start dressing up to get the boys interested... I hate it! I don't like when they dress me up. Daddy understands me so I don't mind as much when he dresses me, but today he also tried put on me something weird - I told him I didn't like it, but he continued, what could I do? he is much stronger than me. mommy and grandma seemed happy at least.
Anyway with time this is getting worse, yesterday they put ribbons in my hair -where will it end? I hope they will eventually grow out of it. (daddy took pictures, when I grow up I'll probably delete them)...
Bye for now...

Tu Bishvat

A few days ago I woke up in the morning, it was a beautifull day outside, and I called mommy and daddy to come and see, I do this every morning - I'm in charge of waking everybody up - because I don't want them to be late to work.

When daddy came he told me it was Tu Bishvat and I was very happy because mommy and daddy have been teaching me all the songs for the hag. So me and daddy sang a little, and then he took me outside to help grandpa plant some trees, because that is what you do on Tu Bishvat...

I had a great time...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Going for the goodies!

This morning Mommy and Daddy were very happy with me. I don't know exactly why, all I was trying to do is get some delicious Halva from the box... For some reason Daddy thought this is interesting and decided to video it (and he kept on pulling the halva box away from me). At some point he smiled wide and gave me a little halva - it is very good!

He wanted me to put the video on my blog so here you go:

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just fooling around in the living room

What a night! the thunder, the lightning, the rain - so much noise but I slept like a baby :-)

Not much to say today, We had a great shabat by grandma and grandpa (sorry, no pictures from there, but you would have loved it...).

Here are some pictures of me and daddy playing:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looking at you from above...

Hi guys!

Mommy and Daddy bought me a highchair (and a toy chest, and clothes and and and... They also say that more present will be arriving soon). It is so cool that I can sit down with all the family and eat with them at the table (although I have my own little table). So now sometimes, instead of feeding me with a spoon or by handing me the food to my mouth, M&D just put the food on the table and I take it from there!

Some pictures of me on the Highchair:

And Video: