Thursday, September 6, 2012

Daniel and his new Skateboard

Daniel just had his 5th birthday (more on that in an upcoming post), one of the presents didn't make it in time, and that was his new skateboard.

Grandpa Yehuda really outdid himself this time, it took longer since he had to go to a few stores to assemble the kit including the protective gear and even a special sack to store them in - too bad Mia and Daniel didn't understand how to open it and decided to slice it open with their scissors... :-(

So immediately we started to teach Daniel how to skate, not that my father and I are accomplished at this sport, but still, the basics are pretty, well, basic, and today I took Daniel out for a session again. He was very upbeat and dedicated to it before he got to thirsty and anyway had to go to kindergarten. Still he managed to get some mileage on it and even skated down several speed-bumps with success!

A small technical update: I'm consolidating all the family blogs into one all the old blogs will redirect automatically to the new one.


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