Monday, December 18, 2006

Mia Magic!

Daddy made me a magic wand! he used his lathe to create it and added some serious magic to it - and now I'm learning to be a magician!

Winter is here in Israel, not so much rain but it is cold - so mommy and daddy ordered and installed a new airconditioner in our house - it is now warm and cozy on the floor and everywhere inside!

Chanuka is marvelous I just love those candles, they burn so nicely I could look at them for hours... I promise some pictures soon (I just have to remind daddy). I also love the songs we sing after we light the candles - I try to help the singing and it seems to work, everybody smiles at me (the problem is they always do, so I never know if I'm OK or not)...

Daddy and mommy each caught me sleeping this week in their bed, each time with one of my parents... They're so cute when they sleep...

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