Thursday, December 7, 2006

6 (six) months old

Happy half birthday to me :-) I'm 6 months old (and have been for a few days), even though it's a bit late to send you congratulations, I thought I'd tell you about it - so you'd all know...

So, how are you? I'm just groovy! I'm roaming around the new house (I don't crawl, I roll!) or at least to where mommy and daddy let me go... They still can't understand what I say (unless I want something really bad, then they can usually figure it out).

Grandma is spoiling me and she is great! My great uncle and aunt (Moish and Goldie) and then another great uncle (Yossi) came to visit me. You wouldn't believe the toys and clothes they brought me - I was so excited, I was shaking (maybe I was also a bit tired already :-(). I showed them around the place. You know they were my first baby sitters ever, back when I was very little, Right after my uncle Hershi got married.

What else? My daddy keeps on putting me on the floor (a carpet or a blanket) it seems like he wants me to do something about it – so I roll around like I know how to – but he keeps on saying “come to me, come to daddy” and I really don’t understand what he wants me to do more… He puts toys for me where I can’t reach – it is really frustrating! How can I explain to him that I don’t know what he wants?

Anyway, here are some more pictures (lots and lots of them) and a video…

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