Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daddy's work BBQ

I know, you've been waiting for me... so here I am once again.

Last Friday, we went to a BBQ with nice people from daddy's work, it was in a nice wooded park and lots of people came. Daniel and I were all over the place and we even got food (though we realy didn't eat a lot, I don't know I guess I wasn't so hungry)...

As usual, Daddy forgot to bring his camera but luckily there were a lot of other daddy's who did bring their cameras and they gave daddy all the pictures, so I can share them with you. you might also want to see what my brother Daniel had to say about the day.

Mommy took me to see the fire, and I found many interesting toys.

BTW marshmellows are realy delicious... so is grilled chicken.

Love you

From DolphinManagl
(click on the link to see many more pictures from the day)

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