Monday, October 8, 2007

My First post

Hi everyone,

My Name is Daniel Eshel, I'm a month old now and I have a lot to tell you. For now my daddy will do the writing since I can't reach the computer yet (it will take another year or two :-)), but he'll write what I tell him too (he promised).

So as most of you know I was born a month ago, my mommy worked very hard to carry me for 9 months (I became heavier all the time), now I weigh around 10 pounds and growing fast... I live with my parents in Gimzo, that's a small village in Israel, we have a BIG garden and lots of nice view, we have Grandma and Grandpa Eshel for neighbors and Bobby and Grandpa Rozen-Morua come visit a lot too.

I love to eat, sleep and also cry - and to look at everyting around me (I also smile
a lot)

You may have seen these pictures on my sister's Mia blog, but I think I deserve to have them too:



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