Sunday, August 6, 2006

This week in my life - going good!

Hi everybody,

You all want to see this blog updated more often - I know, but it is hard when I sleep most of the day and spend the rest eating and playing with my toys. Also my daddy hasn't yet fully embraced his digital camera, he doesn't take it everywhere, and instead of taking pictures he prefers to just play and talk to me - so he misses all the really good photo-ops...

Anyway some real news! I managed to turn myself over last week for the first time, and now I do it all the time! I got the idea from my daddy's lathe and the wood turning on it - I thought, why can't I? so I tried it out and it works... I can turn from my stomach to my back, and I'm currently working on turning right back (from back to stomach) I've already reached half way. Video will be forthcoming, as I said - my daddy still has things to learn :-)

On Friday (the last one Aug 6th) I went to Grandma and Grandpa to say hello, what a surprise when I met there my young(er) second cousin Yitzchak, who was born not long ago. He is really cute, and I like him. Mommy and Grandma put him my pack & play and we got to know each other (we bonded!). It was nice meeting him, it looks as though we will grow up together, since he and his parents are moving to Gimzo soon and we will be neighbors!

My new house is coming along really well, on the same Friday we went to visit it, and this time, daddy remembered to take some pictures...


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  1. moish u r one crazy parent!
    but hey, i totally understand you!!
    little princess was getting crazy cheers from the audience here (grandma-wanabe Pnina...)TG you sent photos, otherwise i wouldnt have recognized her when i (finally )see her...
    hope to c u all soon